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Connor Weller

Our Story

I founded BaselineDesign with the goal of producing affordable Opensource devices for the masses. Although I have two exciting projects in development, The Chaotic Clock and OpenSlider, both projects have been paused as I divert all my energy and resources towards developing and producing Personal Protective Equipment for the medical heroes risking their lives. To best accomplish this goal I founded MakerForce, a non-profit focused on mobilizing and organizing the maker community to provide desperately needed aid.

Checkout MakerForce.org to see how you can help

Current Projects

Two projects are in development and were scheduled to go on Kickstarter April 2020. Their product launch will be postponed until after this outbreak has passed as I focus my energy and resources on organizing the MakerForce group to make PPE and other medical devices desperately needed by our hospitals.

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The ChaoticClock

Inspired by Chaos, Made for Your Innner Nerd: Enjoy Chaos every hour with this modern reimagination of the classic Grandfather Clock. The face of The Chaotic Clock is composed of a precisely machined Maple hardwood that allows light to pass through but appears perfectly solid when unlit.


Developed during the filming The ChaoticClock Kickstarter video to evade paying the insane price tags that come withmost motorized camera sliders. OpenSlider is fully Opensource, comes standard with dual-axis motorized control, is fully modular, and can be extended to an unlimited length all for a 10th the cost.


MakerForce (formerly OSCMS-PNW) is a grassroots emergency response organization formed to harness the collective manufacturing power of individual makers and 3d printing hobbyists. It’s mission is to help alleviate the supply crisis of personal protective equipment (PPE) caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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What is Project PPE?

Project PPE is the engineering and development effort from my company BaselineDesign to create opensource medical PPE designs that can be made quickly and affordably. Many of the designs have been developed while working directly with medical professionals and hospitals but the given information and files are provided as is without warranty.
BaselineDesign is currently just me, I was on track to launch two products on Kickstarter but have redirected all of my energy and resources to fighting this pandemic through the founding of MakerForce. All of the donations to MakerForce go to directly getting PPE to people in need and I don't take a dime.

I've put a lot of my time, energy and resources into to founding/managing MakerForce and into developing the PPE designs on this page. If you support what i'm doing please consider supporting me financially. I have zero income right now and still have to pay next semesters tuition. Your support would mean the world to me and allow me continue fighting this pandemic.

Support Me

Please Consider Donating

Please Consider

Managing MakerForce and developing these PPE designs has become my full time (unpaid) job. If you support what I'm doing please consider making a donation. Your support enables me to keep fighting this pandemic and keep providing PPE to those those on the frontline.

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